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Noosy Adapter Nano Micro Sim 3in1 iPhone Set + key




Adapter set:

  • nano sim -> micro sim
  • nano sim -> sim
  • micro sim -> sim
  • metal key for removing the sim card

Required when you want to use your nano sim or micro sim card in a device that supports standard sim cards.

  • A high-quality, new product from Noosy
  • It is in the original manufacturer’s packaging
  • White color

Key Features and Benefits:

  • matching key – you can replace the card easily, quickly and without damaging the smartphone or the smartphone itself. You save time and money necessary to carry out this activity in a professional GSM service. The key is made of metal, and thus: resistant to bending and will serve you for a long time. It fits perfectly into the SIM card tray release holes, facilitating the replacement process.
  • universal solution – you can use one card for all your devices. You don’t have to replace or modify it, you don’t risk losing your data.
  • also for older devices – do you want to test an older smartphone with your new sim card? Do you prefer to check how a new device works, while you use an older version of the card on a daily basis? Nothing hard! You just need to transfer it to the appropriate adapter.
  • high quality – the adapter will not be accidentally damaged or will not damage your equipment. Use it as often as you like, without any risk.
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